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Rosemary A. St. Cyr Smith Scholarship Fund

In lieu of flowers, Rosemary St. Cyr Smith requested donations to her scholarship fund for college bound students. Please scroll down below to read full scholarship description.

Thank you in advance. 


We are humbled for your support and generous contribution to our Queen's scholarship fund to honor her legacy.

Greetings and Blessings:


Rosemary St. Cyr Smith was known as an outstanding educator – principal, teacher, mentor – for more than 40 years. Her immeasurable contributions to the lives of children, their parents, and community reached people from all “walks of life.” After retirement, she remained a life-long educator as her love and concern for children remained indelibly etched in her heart and mind. One year ago, while writing her last will and testament, she notified her family that she wanted a scholarship named in her honor and set as priority in the case of her death. She specifically noted that the youth of St. Johns United Methodist Church should be given priority. Her family firmly believed that this request was one that should be inaugurated during the life of their mother and grandmother. In response, they immediately made plans to bring her request to fruition while she could bear witness to the fruit of her labor.

              Having been instrumental and directly involved in the lives of many college-bound students, Rosemary was fully aware that most scholarships are given to the top ten percent of academic achievers and awards, grants and other funds applied for a sent directly to the university or institution of choice. With a no discrimination approach, she recognized that there are immediate needs for students to have an expenditure of funds to help jump-start and defray the cost of getting to college and preparing for their departure for college. Therefore, Rosemary St. Cyr Smith was very adamant that funds awarded through her scholarship fund should not be sent to the college or university but rather given directly to the aspirant, the college-bound student.

              May she live on in our hearts, our fond memories, and through this small way of paying it forward to students in need – The Rosemary A. St. Cyr Smith Scholarship Fund.

Please email [or complete our contact form] if you have any questions. 

The Scholarship Fund

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